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21st Century COAX-New Generation Phacoemulsification (F149)
33 Years of Phaco: A Few Tricks I Have Learned Along the Way (F87)
8-Minute DSAEK (F178)
A Smile Restored (F54)
Achieving Success With Multifocal Toric IOLs (F142)
Advantageous Effect of New Tip for Torsional Ultrasound (F84)
After Posterior Capsule Rupture What Next (F12)
Air Descemetopex: Simple and Effective Technique in Managing Descemet Membrane Detachment After Cataract Surgery (F8)
All Is Well With a Well-Dilated Pupil-A Myth (F75)
Amniotic Membrane From Scratch (F183)
And the Twain Shall Meet: Retinal and Corneal Convergence-Descemet Membrane Detachment: New Classification and Management (F166)
Biaxial Microphaco as Prerequisite for Premium IOLs (F35)
Blood, Sweat, and Cheers-Longest Day: DMEK Surgery (F176)
Blowouts (F181)
Canaloplasty-Stuck Half Way (F70)
Capsular Bridge (F72A)
Case of Lens Epinucleus Rupture During Hydrodelamination-Subtype of Intraoperative Capsular Block Syndrome (F19)
Cataract Surgery by Microincision Becoming Mainstream (F29)
Cataract Surgery-From Cryo to Femto (F78)
Central Microphaco-Capsulorhexis in Hypermature Cataracts (F132)
Change Is for the Better: Strategies for LASIK in Patients With Atypical Presentations (F171)
Clinical Utility of In Vivo Confocal Microscopy for Diagnosing Corneal Pathology (F108)
Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus (F159)
Combined LASIK and Small-Aperture Inlay Procedure (F152)
Combined Penetrating Keratoplasty and Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation for Unilateral Limbal Stem-Cell Deficiency After Sclerokeratoplasty (F174)
Comparison of Fluidics: Polymer-Tipped Irrigation/Aspiration Instrument Versus Metal Irrigation/Aspiration Instrument (F97)
Conquering Rock Hard Cataracts With New 90-Degree Bent Tip (F115)
Corneal CXL and Long-Term Hyperopic Femto-LASIK Stability: Initial Clinical Findings In Contralateral Eye Study (F167)
Corneal Transplant Re-Evolution (F90)
Crystalline Lens Eclipse: Restoring the Anatomy and Visual Function in Pediatric Ectopia Lentis (F110)
Custom Iris Prostheses-It’s in the Bag! (F102)
Customize Me (F188)
Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty in Ocular Surface Neoplasia (F170)
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Donor Preparation for Eye Banks-The Hydrobubble Technique (F173)
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Samba's Technique: Safe and Easy Way to Unfold the Graft (F129)
Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Using a Simple Suture Pull-Through Technique For Proper Graft Placement (F172)
Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty in Eye With 'Sputnik' Intraocular Lens Implant (F164)
Easy Bubble: Pachymetry-Assisted Big-Bubble Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F105)
Evaluation of Corneal Topography, Astigmatism With Use of Tissue Adhesive in Sutureless DSAEK (F161)
Evaluation of Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery (F49)
Evolution of Affordable Aqueous Drainage Implant-The Indian Story (F72)
Explantation of Glaucoma Drainage Device Due to Incomplete Conjunctival Closure Despite Amniotic Membrane Placement (F66)
Faces of White Cataract: A Phaco Surgeon's Perspective (F113)
Femto-Assisted Annular Intrastromal Corneal Inlay Implantation for Treatment of Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, and Post-LASIK Ectasia. (F120)
Femtosecond Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F160)
Femtosecond Laser Capsulotomy-The Napkin Versus the Postage Stamp (F53)
For Patients: How to Take Eyedrops (F82)
Forced Infusion in Phacoemulsification (F98)
Four Years Old, One Eye, Pars Planitis, and Cataract: Surgical Challenges Give Challenging Surprises (F31)
Free Smartphone Medication Reminder and Identifier App for Low-Vision Patients After Surgery (F187)
From Darkness to Light (F184)
Gas (Intraocular)! (F11)
Glued IOL Scaffold (F1)
Guide to a Successful Capsulorhexis According to Intralenticular Pressure in Mature White Cataract (F41)
Have You Been NISE Today? (F94)
How to Obtain High-Quality iPhone Slitlamp Photographs, Slitlamp Videos, and Surgical Microscope Videos (F103)
Ideal IOL Injector in Case of Posterior Capsule Rupture or Challenging Situations: A Search (F10)
Improving Outcomes Following Posterior Capsule Rupture During Phacoemulsification (F9)
Incomplete Capsulotomy in Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (F5)
Innovative Technique of Cataract Extraction with Foldable IOL Implantation With ICL in Situ (F117)
Intraoperative Complications With Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery (F18)
Irrigation Trabeculotome for the Treatment of Open-Angle and Closed-Angle Glaucoma (F69)
Irrigation and Aspiration Skip Technique for Removal of Lens Cortex During Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery (F36)
Itinerant Cataract Campaign in Brazil: Logistics and Outcomes (F28)
Lamellar Intrastromal Keratoplasty for Tissue Enhancement in Pellucid Marginal Degeneration With Inferior Thinning (F119)
Laser PRK Not PTK for Corneal Scars to 20/20 vision (F163)
Laser in Situ Keratomileusis With 200 KHz Femtosecond Technology and the 500 Hz Excimer Laser Initial Clinical Experience (F158)
Leaking Blebs: Grafts, Patches, and Rotational Flaps (F65)
Lessons Learned-Complications of Glued IOL (F21)
Let There Be Wavefront III: How to Manipulate Wavefront (F143)
Little Big Pupil. Corerrhaphy of the Iris Sphincter in Mydriasis Cases (F118)
Long-Term Follow-Up of the Athens Protocol: Combined Topography-Guided Partial PRK and CXL in 212 Keratoconus Eyes (F168)
MS Lens Hates Someone Touch Her Body (F122)
Make It Stop: Video Presentation of Techniques to Treat and Prevent Recurrence of Epithelial Ingrowth Post LASIK (F156)
Management of Anterior Dislocation of Lens With Glued IOL (F33)
Management of Double Crystalline Lens (F130)
Managing Anterior and Posterior Capsule in Difficult Cases (F14)
Managing Iris Prolapse When Sealing the Wound During Cataract Surgery (F7)
Manual SICS for Dancing Cataract (F111)
Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery-A Boon to Phaco Surgeons (F186)
Mini Tip 45 Degrees Versus Mini-Flared Tip 45 Degrees (F101)
Miracle of Social Media: Building Bridges Across the Borders (F88)
Mitomycin-C in Refractive Surgery: Why, When, and for How Long? (F147)
Modern ECCE and Modern ICCE With Organic Glue (F79)
New Device to Increase Endocapsular Support During Phacoemulsification in Cases of Localized Zonular Weakness (F106)
Nightmare Due to Posterior Polar Cataracts: Can Anterior Segment OCT Help Us? (F136)
No-Assistant Technique: Simplified Haptic Externalizing Glued IOL Hapic (F128)
One-Incision Phacoemulsification 1.9 mm (F60)
Open Ring-Shaped Guider for CCC (F40)
Operative Techniques in Uveitis-Induced Cataract Surgery (F45)
Overcoming the Cheese-Wiring Challenge (F145)
Pachy-Bubble and Visco-Bubble: Perfect Match for Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F162)
Pandora’s Box (F17)
Pars Plana Safety Basket Suture for Intraoperative Management of Malpositioned Posterior Chamber IOLs (F123)
Pars Plana Sclerostomy (F68)
Pedal Pulse for Phaco (F116)
Period Ending With Keratoprosthesis Surgery in Severe Chemical Alkali Burn Patient (F153)
Phaco Complications in Morgagnian Cataract (F16)
Phacoemulsification Without a Primary Capsulorhexis (F24)
Phacoemulsification in Rock Hard Cataracts-Flower Petal Technique (F126)
Phacoemulsification in Seemingly Impossible Cases (F63)
Phakic IOLs: Myths and Truths (F140)
Piggy-Back Technique in Corneal Transplantation (F124)
Post-Contusion Tear of Posterior Lens Capsule and Mydriasis-Tactics of Surgical Treatment (F185)
Post-DALK Traumatic Cataract With Subluxated Lens: Effective Solution by Special Capsular Tension Ring and Toric IOL Implantation (F107)
Posterior Polar Nucleus Drop and Rescue (F6)
Posterior Solution to an Anterior Problem (F27)
RKology (F155)
Reduction of Femtosecond Astigmatic Keratotomy Regression With Combined Simultaneous High Fluence CXL: Novel Refractive Procedure (F154)
Relative Anterior Microphthalmos-Anything Could Happen (F51)
Reparation of the Iris and Lens After Accidental Trephination During Penetrating Keratoplasty (F4)
Rock 'n' Roll Phaco Technique (F61)
Safer Phaco for the Beginner: Wound Construction (F91)
Save That Kid’s Bag (F89)
Saving the Nucleus Before it Sinks (F138)
Scheimpflug Revelations (F182)
Scleral Lens: Return of Phoenix (F80)
Scleral Tunnel Architecture in Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery and Relationship to Nuclear Size and Hardness (F32)
Secondary IOL Implantation Options and Techniques in Managing Aphakia (F38)
Secondary PC Iris-Claw IOL in Aphakia (F47)
See Through the Cornea During Corneal Surgery: Breakthrough OCT-Guided Femtosecond Corneal Surgery (F177)
Simple New Technique for Scleral Fixation of IOL (F135)
Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery and Multifocal Accommodating 9.0 Optic IOL Implantation (F26)
Spherophakia With Corneal Endothelial Adhesion-Challenged to the Limits (F3)
Superior Conjunctivochalasis: Potential Contributing Factor in Symptomatic Inferior Conjunctivochalasis (F189)
Surgical Management of Complications of IOL Implantation in Patients With Glaucoma (F71)
Surgical Management of Congenital Lens Coloboma and Hard Cataract (F133)
Surgical Management of Microspherophakia Associated with Axenfeld-Rieger Anomaly (F22)
Surgical Management of Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy and Hard Cataract (F58)
Taming a Lion (F23)
Techniques of Scleral-Fixated Capsular Tension Segment Implantation (F86)
Telemetric IOP Measurement: Deciphering Glaucoma's Blind Spot (F99)
Temperature in Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification (F150)
The Blessing (F15)
The Count on Tubes (F67)
The Frozen Cornea Affair (F180)
The Invisible to Visible: Use of Pupillary Dilator Devices in Small Pupil Phacoemulsification (F148)
The Road Not Taken (F20)
Thin or Thinned, Thick or Thickened: That's the Question (F137)
Tips And Tricks of Performing Manual Sutureless Small-Incision Cataract Surgery in Difficult Situations (F55)
Too Big to Fit (F37)
Topography-Guided LASIK for Hyperopia and Hyperopic Astigmatism (F157)
Toric IOL and Sequential Pinhole Corneal Inlay Implantation for High Mix Astigmatism and Presbyopia Correction (F134)
Transepithelial Phototherapeutic Keratectomy as Powerful Tool for Repair of Corneal Refractive Surgical Complications (F175)
Translenticular Hydrodissection in Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery (F96)
Transpositional Autokeratoplasty: A Forgotten Operation (F169)
Two-Port Chandelier Illumination Assisted Cataract Surgery in Patients With Severe Corneal Opacity (F46)
Video Endoscopy as State of the Art of IOL Scleral Fixation (F25)
Viscoless 2-Port Coaxial Microincision Phaco (F59)
WITHDRAWN - Afocal Video and Still Image Capture at the Surgical Microscope and Slitlamp: Educational Resource in Your Pocket (F139)
WITHDRAWN - An UGHLY Situation: Uveitis-Glaucoma-Hyphema With Lens Yaw (F100)
WITHDRAWN - Anterior Segment Reconstruction Lights His Day After 13 Years (F179)
WITHDRAWN - Battle of the Bulge-Understanding Keratoconus (F112)
WITHDRAWN - Capsulorhexis That Has Run Out: How to Redeem the Situation (F141)
WITHDRAWN - Cataract Surgery Following Phakic IOL Implantation (F62)
WITHDRAWN - Changing Paradigms in Management of Aqueous Misdirection Syndrome (F146)
WITHDRAWN - Chased by My Flag (F50)
WITHDRAWN - Clinical Implications of Venturi and Peristaltic Vacuum Systems-Which Sucks Better or Are They Just Different? (F30)
WITHDRAWN - Correction of High Myopia and High Astigmatism Using Polypseudophakia and Optic Capture (F39)
WITHDRAWN - Efficient Technique to Retrieve Dislocated Capsule-IOL Complex (F2)
WITHDRAWN - Electronic Toric Marker (F92)
WITHDRAWN - Explantation of Foldable IOL in 1 Step: Incomplete Bisection (F114)
WITHDRAWN - Fun With Femtosecond Lasers (F44)
WITHDRAWN - Goodbye Toric IOL and LASIK Touch Up-Femto Intrastromal Astigmatic Keratotomy During Cataract Surgery (F42)
WITHDRAWN - Holistic Approach in the Management of Pediatric Cataract (F52)
WITHDRAWN - I Give Up! Ophthalmology in the New Millennium (F81)
WITHDRAWN - Management of Subluxated Cataract (F34)
WITHDRAWN - Misadventures in the Anterior Chamber (F13)
WITHDRAWN - Mission (Im)Possible: Discovering the Earliest Signs of Bulged Corneas (F104)
WITHDRAWN - More Than Meets the Eye: Novel Assessment of Surgeons' Responses During Ophthalmic Surgeries Using Noninvasive Thermal Body Measurements (F48)
WITHDRAWN - My Second Instrument Does a Little More (F95)
WITHDRAWN - New Technique for Exteriorizing Glued IOL Haptic (F127)
WITHDRAWN - New Universal Duo Chopper Chops Them All (F144)
WITHDRAWN - No Suture and No Glue IOL Fixation Technique (F131)
WITHDRAWN - Optimizing Astigmatism Results Using Corneal Incision for Phacoemulsification With Implantation of Diffractive Multifocal IOL (F73)
WITHDRAWN - Original Idea to Manage Silicone in Complicated Post-Vitrectomy Cataracts (F76)
WITHDRAWN - Phacoemulsification in Traumatic Cataract-Tricks and Tips (F56)
WITHDRAWN - Phakic IOLs in Complex Situations (F74)
WITHDRAWN - Quick Chop Express (F121)
WITHDRAWN - Shear Efficiency (F151)
WITHDRAWN - Shooting Butterflies: A New Concept in Capsule Support (F125)
WITHDRAWN - Sideport Posterior Assisted Levitation and Sheet Lens Glide to Prevent Brown Heminucleus From Dropping Into the Vitreous (F77)
WITHDRAWN - Simple (F83)
WITHDRAWN - Small-Aperture Corneal Inlays: How We Can Improve Centration (F165)
WITHDRAWN - Smart Mantras for Sailing Through Challenges in Pediatric Cataract Surgery (F64)
WITHDRAWN - Snapped Haptics (F43)
WITHDRAWN - Tackling Hard Cataracts in the Developing World (F57)
WITHDRAWN - Tears for Fears: Preventing and Managing the Argentinian Flag Sign (F85)
WITHDRAWN - The Femto-Killer: Creating a Perfect Capsulorhexis With a Ring-Tome (F93)
WITHDRAWN - Transscleral Fixation of IOL Using Paralimbal Approach (F109)