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F1: Glued IOL Scaffold
F2: WITHDRAWN - Efficient Technique to Retrieve Dislocated Capsule-IOL Complex
F3: Spherophakia With Corneal Endothelial Adhesion-Challenged to the Limits
F4: Reparation of the Iris and Lens After Accidental Trephination During Penetrating Keratoplasty
F5: Incomplete Capsulotomy in Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery
F6: Posterior Polar Nucleus Drop and Rescue
F7: Managing Iris Prolapse When Sealing the Wound During Cataract Surgery
F8: Air Descemetopex: Simple and Effective Technique in Managing Descemet Membrane Detachment After Cataract Surgery
F9: Improving Outcomes Following Posterior Capsule Rupture During Phacoemulsification
F10: Ideal IOL Injector in Case of Posterior Capsule Rupture or Challenging Situations: A Search
F11: Gas (Intraocular)!
F12: After Posterior Capsule Rupture What Next
F13: WITHDRAWN - Misadventures in the Anterior Chamber
F14: Managing Anterior and Posterior Capsule in Difficult Cases
F15: The Blessing
F16: Phaco Complications in Morgagnian Cataract
F17: Pandora’s Box
F18: Intraoperative Complications With Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
F19: Case of Lens Epinucleus Rupture During Hydrodelamination-Subtype of Intraoperative Capsular Block Syndrome
F20: The Road Not Taken
F21: Lessons Learned-Complications of Glued IOL
F22: Surgical Management of Microspherophakia Associated with Axenfeld-Rieger Anomaly
F23: Taming a Lion
F24: Phacoemulsification Without a Primary Capsulorhexis
F25: Video Endoscopy as State of the Art of IOL Scleral Fixation
F26: Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery and Multifocal Accommodating 9.0 Optic IOL Implantation
F27: Posterior Solution to an Anterior Problem
F28: Itinerant Cataract Campaign in Brazil: Logistics and Outcomes
F29: Cataract Surgery by Microincision Becoming Mainstream
F30: WITHDRAWN - Clinical Implications of Venturi and Peristaltic Vacuum Systems-Which Sucks Better or Are They Just Different?
F31: Four Years Old, One Eye, Pars Planitis, and Cataract: Surgical Challenges Give Challenging Surprises
F32: Scleral Tunnel Architecture in Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery and Relationship to Nuclear Size and Hardness
F33: Management of Anterior Dislocation of Lens With Glued IOL
F34: WITHDRAWN - Management of Subluxated Cataract
F35: Biaxial Microphaco as Prerequisite for Premium IOLs
F36: Irrigation and Aspiration Skip Technique for Removal of Lens Cortex During Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery
F37: Too Big to Fit
F38: Secondary IOL Implantation Options and Techniques in Managing Aphakia
F39: WITHDRAWN - Correction of High Myopia and High Astigmatism Using Polypseudophakia and Optic Capture
F40: Open Ring-Shaped Guider for CCC
F41: Guide to a Successful Capsulorhexis According to Intralenticular Pressure in Mature White Cataract
F42: WITHDRAWN - Goodbye Toric IOL and LASIK Touch Up-Femto Intrastromal Astigmatic Keratotomy During Cataract Surgery
F43: WITHDRAWN - Snapped Haptics
F44: WITHDRAWN - Fun With Femtosecond Lasers
F45: Operative Techniques in Uveitis-Induced Cataract Surgery
F46: Two-Port Chandelier Illumination Assisted Cataract Surgery in Patients With Severe Corneal Opacity
F47: Secondary PC Iris-Claw IOL in Aphakia
F48: WITHDRAWN - More Than Meets the Eye: Novel Assessment of Surgeons' Responses During Ophthalmic Surgeries Using Noninvasive Thermal Body Measurements
F49: Evaluation of Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery
F50: WITHDRAWN - Chased by My Flag
F51: Relative Anterior Microphthalmos-Anything Could Happen
F52: WITHDRAWN - Holistic Approach in the Management of Pediatric Cataract
F53: Femtosecond Laser Capsulotomy-The Napkin Versus the Postage Stamp
F54: A Smile Restored
F55: Tips And Tricks of Performing Manual Sutureless Small-Incision Cataract Surgery in Difficult Situations
F56: WITHDRAWN - Phacoemulsification in Traumatic Cataract-Tricks and Tips
F57: WITHDRAWN - Tackling Hard Cataracts in the Developing World
F58: Surgical Management of Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy and Hard Cataract
F59: Viscoless 2-Port Coaxial Microincision Phaco
F60: One-Incision Phacoemulsification 1.9 mm
F61: Rock 'n' Roll Phaco Technique
F62: WITHDRAWN - Cataract Surgery Following Phakic IOL Implantation
F63: Phacoemulsification in Seemingly Impossible Cases
F64: WITHDRAWN - Smart Mantras for Sailing Through Challenges in Pediatric Cataract Surgery
F65: Leaking Blebs: Grafts, Patches, and Rotational Flaps
F66: Explantation of Glaucoma Drainage Device Due to Incomplete Conjunctival Closure Despite Amniotic Membrane Placement
F67: The Count on Tubes
F68: Pars Plana Sclerostomy
F69: Irrigation Trabeculotome for the Treatment of Open-Angle and Closed-Angle Glaucoma
F70: Canaloplasty-Stuck Half Way
F71: Surgical Management of Complications of IOL Implantation in Patients With Glaucoma
F72: Evolution of Affordable Aqueous Drainage Implant-The Indian Story
F72A: Capsular Bridge
F73: WITHDRAWN - Optimizing Astigmatism Results Using Corneal Incision for Phacoemulsification With Implantation of Diffractive Multifocal IOL
F74: WITHDRAWN - Phakic IOLs in Complex Situations
F75: All Is Well With a Well-Dilated Pupil-A Myth
F76: WITHDRAWN - Original Idea to Manage Silicone in Complicated Post-Vitrectomy Cataracts
F77: WITHDRAWN - Sideport Posterior Assisted Levitation and Sheet Lens Glide to Prevent Brown Heminucleus From Dropping Into the Vitreous
F78: Cataract Surgery-From Cryo to Femto
F79: Modern ECCE and Modern ICCE With Organic Glue
F80: Scleral Lens: Return of Phoenix
F81: WITHDRAWN - I Give Up! Ophthalmology in the New Millennium
F82: For Patients: How to Take Eyedrops
F83: WITHDRAWN - Simple
F84: Advantageous Effect of New Tip for Torsional Ultrasound
F85: WITHDRAWN - Tears for Fears: Preventing and Managing the Argentinian Flag Sign
F86: Techniques of Scleral-Fixated Capsular Tension Segment Implantation
F87: 33 Years of Phaco: A Few Tricks I Have Learned Along the Way
F88: Miracle of Social Media: Building Bridges Across the Borders
F89: Save That Kid’s Bag
F90: Corneal Transplant Re-Evolution
F91: Safer Phaco for the Beginner: Wound Construction
F92: WITHDRAWN - Electronic Toric Marker
F93: WITHDRAWN - The Femto-Killer: Creating a Perfect Capsulorhexis With a Ring-Tome
F94: Have You Been NISE Today?
F95: WITHDRAWN - My Second Instrument Does a Little More
F96: Translenticular Hydrodissection in Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
F97: Comparison of Fluidics: Polymer-Tipped Irrigation/Aspiration Instrument Versus Metal Irrigation/Aspiration Instrument
F98: Forced Infusion in Phacoemulsification
F99: Telemetric IOP Measurement: Deciphering Glaucoma's Blind Spot
F100: WITHDRAWN - An UGHLY Situation: Uveitis-Glaucoma-Hyphema With Lens Yaw
F101: Mini Tip 45 Degrees Versus Mini-Flared Tip 45 Degrees
F102: Custom Iris Prostheses-It’s in the Bag!
F103: How to Obtain High-Quality iPhone Slitlamp Photographs, Slitlamp Videos, and Surgical Microscope Videos
F104: WITHDRAWN - Mission (Im)Possible: Discovering the Earliest Signs of Bulged Corneas
F105: Easy Bubble: Pachymetry-Assisted Big-Bubble Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
F106: New Device to Increase Endocapsular Support During Phacoemulsification in Cases of Localized Zonular Weakness
F107: Post-DALK Traumatic Cataract With Subluxated Lens: Effective Solution by Special Capsular Tension Ring and Toric IOL Implantation
F108: Clinical Utility of In Vivo Confocal Microscopy for Diagnosing Corneal Pathology
F109: WITHDRAWN - Transscleral Fixation of IOL Using Paralimbal Approach
F110: Crystalline Lens Eclipse: Restoring the Anatomy and Visual Function in Pediatric Ectopia Lentis
F111: Manual SICS for Dancing Cataract
F112: WITHDRAWN - Battle of the Bulge-Understanding Keratoconus
F113: Faces of White Cataract: A Phaco Surgeon's Perspective
F114: WITHDRAWN - Explantation of Foldable IOL in 1 Step: Incomplete Bisection
F115: Conquering Rock Hard Cataracts With New 90-Degree Bent Tip
F116: Pedal Pulse for Phaco
F117: Innovative Technique of Cataract Extraction with Foldable IOL Implantation With ICL in Situ
F118: Little Big Pupil. Corerrhaphy of the Iris Sphincter in Mydriasis Cases
F119: Lamellar Intrastromal Keratoplasty for Tissue Enhancement in Pellucid Marginal Degeneration With Inferior Thinning
F120: Femto-Assisted Annular Intrastromal Corneal Inlay Implantation for Treatment of Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, and Post-LASIK Ectasia.
F121: WITHDRAWN - Quick Chop Express
F122: MS Lens Hates Someone Touch Her Body
F123: Pars Plana Safety Basket Suture for Intraoperative Management of Malpositioned Posterior Chamber IOLs
F124: Piggy-Back Technique in Corneal Transplantation
F125: WITHDRAWN - Shooting Butterflies: A New Concept in Capsule Support
F126: Phacoemulsification in Rock Hard Cataracts-Flower Petal Technique
F127: WITHDRAWN - New Technique for Exteriorizing Glued IOL Haptic
F128: No-Assistant Technique: Simplified Haptic Externalizing Glued IOL Hapic
F129: Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Samba's Technique: Safe and Easy Way to Unfold the Graft
F130: Management of Double Crystalline Lens
F131: WITHDRAWN - No Suture and No Glue IOL Fixation Technique
F132: Central Microphaco-Capsulorhexis in Hypermature Cataracts
F133: Surgical Management of Congenital Lens Coloboma and Hard Cataract
F134: Toric IOL and Sequential Pinhole Corneal Inlay Implantation for High Mix Astigmatism and Presbyopia Correction
F135: Simple New Technique for Scleral Fixation of IOL
F136: Nightmare Due to Posterior Polar Cataracts: Can Anterior Segment OCT Help Us?
F137: Thin or Thinned, Thick or Thickened: That's the Question
F138: Saving the Nucleus Before it Sinks
F139: WITHDRAWN - Afocal Video and Still Image Capture at the Surgical Microscope and Slitlamp: Educational Resource in Your Pocket
F140: Phakic IOLs: Myths and Truths
F141: WITHDRAWN - Capsulorhexis That Has Run Out: How to Redeem the Situation
F142: Achieving Success With Multifocal Toric IOLs
F143: Let There Be Wavefront III: How to Manipulate Wavefront
F144: WITHDRAWN - New Universal Duo Chopper Chops Them All
F145: Overcoming the Cheese-Wiring Challenge
F146: WITHDRAWN - Changing Paradigms in Management of Aqueous Misdirection Syndrome
F147: Mitomycin-C in Refractive Surgery: Why, When, and for How Long?
F148: The Invisible to Visible: Use of Pupillary Dilator Devices in Small Pupil Phacoemulsification
F149: 21st Century COAX-New Generation Phacoemulsification
F150: Temperature in Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification
F151: WITHDRAWN - Shear Efficiency
F152: Combined LASIK and Small-Aperture Inlay Procedure
F153: Period Ending With Keratoprosthesis Surgery in Severe Chemical Alkali Burn Patient
F154: Reduction of Femtosecond Astigmatic Keratotomy Regression With Combined Simultaneous High Fluence CXL: Novel Refractive Procedure
F155: RKology
F156: Make It Stop: Video Presentation of Techniques to Treat and Prevent Recurrence of Epithelial Ingrowth Post LASIK
F157: Topography-Guided LASIK for Hyperopia and Hyperopic Astigmatism
F158: Laser in Situ Keratomileusis With 200 KHz Femtosecond Technology and the 500 Hz Excimer Laser Initial Clinical Experience
F159: Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus
F160: Femtosecond Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
F161: Evaluation of Corneal Topography, Astigmatism With Use of Tissue Adhesive in Sutureless DSAEK
F162: Pachy-Bubble and Visco-Bubble: Perfect Match for Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
F163: Laser PRK Not PTK for Corneal Scars to 20/20 vision
F164: Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty in Eye With 'Sputnik' Intraocular Lens Implant
F165: WITHDRAWN - Small-Aperture Corneal Inlays: How We Can Improve Centration
F166: And the Twain Shall Meet: Retinal and Corneal Convergence-Descemet Membrane Detachment: New Classification and Management
F167: Corneal CXL and Long-Term Hyperopic Femto-LASIK Stability: Initial Clinical Findings In Contralateral Eye Study
F168: Long-Term Follow-Up of the Athens Protocol: Combined Topography-Guided Partial PRK and CXL in 212 Keratoconus Eyes
F169: Transpositional Autokeratoplasty: A Forgotten Operation
F170: Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty in Ocular Surface Neoplasia
F171: Change Is for the Better: Strategies for LASIK in Patients With Atypical Presentations
F172: Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Using a Simple Suture Pull-Through Technique For Proper Graft Placement
F173: Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Donor Preparation for Eye Banks-The Hydrobubble Technique
F174: Combined Penetrating Keratoplasty and Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation for Unilateral Limbal Stem-Cell Deficiency After Sclerokeratoplasty
F175: Transepithelial Phototherapeutic Keratectomy as Powerful Tool for Repair of Corneal Refractive Surgical Complications
F176: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers-Longest Day: DMEK Surgery
F177: See Through the Cornea During Corneal Surgery: Breakthrough OCT-Guided Femtosecond Corneal Surgery
F178: 8-Minute DSAEK
F179: WITHDRAWN - Anterior Segment Reconstruction Lights His Day After 13 Years
F180: The Frozen Cornea Affair
F181: Blowouts
F182: Scheimpflug Revelations
F183: Amniotic Membrane From Scratch
F184: From Darkness to Light
F185: Post-Contusion Tear of Posterior Lens Capsule and Mydriasis-Tactics of Surgical Treatment
F186: Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery-A Boon to Phaco Surgeons
F187: Free Smartphone Medication Reminder and Identifier App for Low-Vision Patients After Surgery
F188: Customize Me
F189: Superior Conjunctivochalasis: Potential Contributing Factor in Symptomatic Inferior Conjunctivochalasis