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F137: Thin or Thinned, Thick or Thickened: That's the Question
F138: Saving the Nucleus Before it Sinks
F139: WITHDRAWN - Afocal Video and Still Image Capture at the Surgical Microscope and Slitlamp: Educational Resource in Your Pocket
F140: Phakic IOLs: Myths and Truths
F141: WITHDRAWN - Capsulorhexis That Has Run Out: How to Redeem the Situation
F142: Achieving Success With Multifocal Toric IOLs
F143: Let There Be Wavefront III: How to Manipulate Wavefront
F144: WITHDRAWN - New Universal Duo Chopper Chops Them All
F145: Overcoming the Cheese-Wiring Challenge
F146: WITHDRAWN - Changing Paradigms in Management of Aqueous Misdirection Syndrome
F147: Mitomycin-C in Refractive Surgery: Why, When, and for How Long?
F148: The Invisible to Visible: Use of Pupillary Dilator Devices in Small Pupil Phacoemulsification
F149: 21st Century COAX-New Generation Phacoemulsification
F150: Temperature in Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification
F151: WITHDRAWN - Shear Efficiency