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F114: WITHDRAWN - Explantation of Foldable IOL in 1 Step: Incomplete Bisection
F115: Conquering Rock Hard Cataracts With New 90-Degree Bent Tip
F116: Pedal Pulse for Phaco
F117: Innovative Technique of Cataract Extraction with Foldable IOL Implantation With ICL in Situ
F118: Little Big Pupil. Corerrhaphy of the Iris Sphincter in Mydriasis Cases
F119: Lamellar Intrastromal Keratoplasty for Tissue Enhancement in Pellucid Marginal Degeneration With Inferior Thinning
F120: Femto-Assisted Annular Intrastromal Corneal Inlay Implantation for Treatment of Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, and Post-LASIK Ectasia.
F121: WITHDRAWN - Quick Chop Express
F122: MS Lens Hates Someone Touch Her Body
F123: Pars Plana Safety Basket Suture for Intraoperative Management of Malpositioned Posterior Chamber IOLs
F124: Piggy-Back Technique in Corneal Transplantation
F125: WITHDRAWN - Shooting Butterflies: A New Concept in Capsule Support
F126: Phacoemulsification in Rock Hard Cataracts-Flower Petal Technique
F127: WITHDRAWN - New Technique for Exteriorizing Glued IOL Haptic
F128: No-Assistant Technique: Simplified Haptic Externalizing Glued IOL Hapic
F129: Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Samba's Technique: Safe and Easy Way to Unfold the Graft
F130: Management of Double Crystalline Lens
F131: WITHDRAWN - No Suture and No Glue IOL Fixation Technique
F132: Central Microphaco-Capsulorhexis in Hypermature Cataracts
F133: Surgical Management of Congenital Lens Coloboma and Hard Cataract
F134: Toric IOL and Sequential Pinhole Corneal Inlay Implantation for High Mix Astigmatism and Presbyopia Correction
F135: Simple New Technique for Scleral Fixation of IOL
F136: Nightmare Due to Posterior Polar Cataracts: Can Anterior Segment OCT Help Us?