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F72A: Capsular Bridge
F73: WITHDRAWN - Optimizing Astigmatism Results Using Corneal Incision for Phacoemulsification With Implantation of Diffractive Multifocal IOL
F74: WITHDRAWN - Phakic IOLs in Complex Situations
F75: All Is Well With a Well-Dilated Pupil-A Myth
F76: WITHDRAWN - Original Idea to Manage Silicone in Complicated Post-Vitrectomy Cataracts
F77: WITHDRAWN - Sideport Posterior Assisted Levitation and Sheet Lens Glide to Prevent Brown Heminucleus From Dropping Into the Vitreous
F78: Cataract Surgery-From Cryo to Femto
F79: Modern ECCE and Modern ICCE With Organic Glue
F80: Scleral Lens: Return of Phoenix
F81: WITHDRAWN - I Give Up! Ophthalmology in the New Millennium
F82: For Patients: How to Take Eyedrops
F83: WITHDRAWN - Simple
F84: Advantageous Effect of New Tip for Torsional Ultrasound
F85: WITHDRAWN - Tears for Fears: Preventing and Managing the Argentinian Flag Sign
F86: Techniques of Scleral-Fixated Capsular Tension Segment Implantation
F87: 33 Years of Phaco: A Few Tricks I Have Learned Along the Way
F88: Miracle of Social Media: Building Bridges Across the Borders
F89: Save That Kid’s Bag
F90: Corneal Transplant Re-Evolution
F91: Safer Phaco for the Beginner: Wound Construction