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Film Winners

Grand Prize Winner
F99: Telemetric IOP Measurement: Deciphering Glaucoma's Blind Spot
Melki, Samir
Cataract/Implant Surgery - Winner
F40: Open Ring-Shaped Guider for CCC
Joo, Choun-Ki
Cataract/Implant Surgery - Runner-Up
F21: Lessons Learned-Complications of Glued IOL
Agarwal, Athiya
Cataract Complications - Best of the Best Winner
F20: The Road Not Taken
Vasavada, Abhay
Cataract Complications - Runner-Up
F7: Managing Iris Prolapse When Sealing the Wound During Cataract Surgery
Chang, Daniel
Glaucoma Surgery - Winner
F65: Leaking Blebs: Grafts, Patches, and Rotational Flaps
Agarwal, Amar
Glaucoma Surgery - Runner-Up
F67: The Count on Tubes
Fechter, Herbert
In-House Productions - Winner
F89: Save That Kid’s Bag
Perez, Mauricio
In-House Productions - Runner-Up
F91: Safer Phaco for the Beginner: Wound Construction
Yeo, Ian
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Winner / People's Choice - Winner
F103: How to Obtain High-Quality iPhone Slitlamp Photographs, Slitlamp Videos, and Surgical Microscope Videos
Weikert, Mitchell
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Runner-Up
F96: Translenticular Hydrodissection in Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
Espinosa, Marcela
New Producer - Winner
F110: Crystalline Lens Eclipse: Restoring the Anatomy and Visual Function in Pediatric Ectopia Lentis
López Mondéjar, Esperanza
New Producer - Runner-Up
F108: Clinical Utility of In Vivo Confocal Microscopy for Diagnosing Corneal Pathology
Kim, Gene
New Techniques - Winner
F130: Management of Double Crystalline Lens
Ram, Jagat
New Techniques - Runner-Up
F115: Conquering Rock Hard Cataracts With New 90-Degree Bent Tip
Bhaumik, Arup
Quality Teaching - Winner
F150: Temperature in Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification
Suzuki, Hisaharu
Quality Teaching - Runner-Up
F143: Let There Be Wavefront III: How to Manipulate Wavefront
Kim, Myoung Joon
Refractive Cornea Surgery - Winner
F152: Combined LASIK and Small-Aperture Inlay Procedure
Al-Tuwairqi, Waleed
Refractive Cornea Surgery - Runner-Up
F160: Femtosecond Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
Daya, Sheraz
Special Interest - Winner
F180: The Frozen Cornea Affair
Kantor, Arturo
Special Interest - Runner-Up
F181: Blowouts
Omprakash, Lakshmi
People's Choice - Runner-Up
F135: Simple New Technique for Scleral Fixation of IOL
Thulaseedharan, Sinumol